Wanting to look and feel as good as you can is not vain, it can profoundly impact the route your life takes…

How you feel about yourself affects what you believe, how you react to opportunities and the relationships you have with other people.

* You may feel you've never known what clothes suit you and you would like to find out
* You may have been frightened to try things in your life and you want to improve your confidence
* You may have gone through life changes which mean you no longer know who you are and you want to build your self-esteem
* You may just want to break out of a rut!

Whatever has brought you to my website, whether you are looking for Image Consultancy or Confidence Coaching, there's a way I can help you. Click on the images below:

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The Guy on “First Dates”

Can you remember some of your first dates?  Maybe you were lucky and they all went really smoothly but I imagine you can remember some feeling awkward and you were unsure about what to talk about or do?  Channel 4 has a tv programme which films couples meeting on completely blind "First Dates" and I was tuned in on the first night that Louis, a charmingly gauche young man, met a woman for dinner.

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Have your “Colours Done” for FREE!

Colour Analysis or "having your colours done" is something that most women have heard of at some point.  Many have had colour analysis some time ago when it first launched in the UK in the 80's and became popular in the 90's, and have lived by the principles since then.

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My affiliations

Gillian Lewis is a Colour Me Beautiful trained Image Consultant

Gillian Lewis: Spectrum is a DISC personality profiling system practitioner accredited by the Coaching Academy

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