Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk – How your Body Language shapes who you are

I will frequently talk about Amy Cuddy's TED talk.  I might mention that it's about:

  • Developing Confidence
  • Power Poses
  • "Faking it till you make it"

However, it's actually about how your body language shapes who you are - and that influences how you are perceived.  I use it to demonstrate to clients how to make a great first impression when they have milliseconds to influence how another person perceives them.

The reason why I love this video is because the personal story that Amy tells resonates very strongly with me.  I recognised how I employed a similar approach when I was younger; trying very hard not to show that I was quaking in my boots when I pitched into unknown circumstances: deep breaths, pull up my big girl knickers, and feel the fear and do it anyway!​

Do you pull up your big girl knickers, feel the fear and do it anyway?

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And, like Amy, I got to the stage where I realised that I am confident.  I've pushed at the edges of my comfort zone so often, that I know that I have so many experiences and resources to call upon when neccessary.

Don't get me wrong, I can give in to the gremlins in my head, and adopt all sorts of avoidance techniques ​if I think I'm taking a step too far, but I know that if it comes to it, I can step up and call upon my inner confidence - an inner confidence that is borne of believing in myself.

I hope that you can spend 21 minutes watching this - it might just change your whole life.​

If you want to make a change...

I have a limited number of sessions that I offer to help people discover their confidence.  I'd be very happy to use that time with you.