Going for a job interview? What first impression do you make?

If you've read my blog for any length of time, or heard me speak at an event, I'll frequently talk about what impression you make when you meet somebody for the first time.  With job interviews, the stakes are raised.  You are being assessed for suitability for a job against a number of other people who all want to make a good impression too so it's essential that you're aware of how important first impressions are.

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Introverts in an Extroverts’ world

I saw this RSA video and it immediately resonated.  I’m an introvert.  An ISFP to be precise if you know your Myers Briggs.  And a very social introvert when analysing my Step II preferences, but an introvert nevertheless.  I need downtime from other people to recharge.  My thinking time is essential and, because I spend my time thinking, there have been times when my voice hasn’t been loud enough to be heard over the extroverts who can dominate the conversation in large meetings. [Read more…]

Frequent Flyer

This week I’ve been in Belfast for some training, flying from Newcastle on Monday for two days training then a late flight back on Wednesday night.  Even though I was only going to be there for two days, I needed to consider what to wear: “it’s June, it’s Belfast, I’ll be in a hotel with air conditioning, I’m not checking a bag into the hold, and who believes weather forecasts” were the thoughts going through my head. [Read more…]

Image in Business Advice

John Atkinson from Radio Teesdale’s Business programme interviewed me about the importance of your Image in making a first impression in business – and what the consequences of getting it wrong are. [Read more…]