This is the BBC

Well, I've always wanted to say that - after my brief brush with fame being paid to be on Playaway when I was 14.  Last week I was interviewed by BBC Radio Tees presenter, Mike Parr - on live radio!

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It’s Friday tomorrow – wear something bright!

You know how I love colour?  And I have a bit of a downer on people wearing black?  Well, this article about a survey by Tu at Sainsbury’s of what colour clothes women wear on different days of the week made me very sad since it shows that women are more likely to wear black or dark colours at the beginning of the week, and brighter colours at the end.  So, since tomorrow is Friday, have a dig in your wardrobe and wear something bright! [Read more…]

Guest Post: 7 Tips to Combating SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder)

Yesterday I posted about Blooming Monday – the antidote to Blue Monday: an initiative set up by Mental Health Research UK.  I focused on wearing colour to combat a low mood at this (or indeed any) time of year.

My friend, and coaching colleague, Beverly Sherratt, also posted about Blue Monday and the ways in which you can overcome Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) on her blog:  [Read more…]