It’s Friday tomorrow – wear something bright!

You know how I love colour?  And I have a bit of a downer on people wearing black?  Well, this article about a survey by Tu at Sainsbury’s of what colour clothes women wear on different days of the week made me very sad since it shows that women are more likely to wear black or dark colours at the beginning of the week, and brighter colours at the end.  So, since tomorrow is Friday, have a dig in your wardrobe and wear something bright! [Read more…]

Boots No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

I’ve just seen an advert for Boots No7 Match Made Lipstick Service and, seeing some of the mismatches, I decided to have a look online at their website offering the service.   [Read more…]

The Hunt for the Perfect Colour

I’ve been on a hunt.  A long hunt.  An expensive hunt.  And I’ve nearly captured my prey – the perfect Shellac nail polish colour.

Now, I don’t know about you, but finding a signature lip colour and nail varnish colour is tricky and elusive.  Hands up everybody who has a cupboard full of lipsticks (or has thrown away virtually unused lipsticks) because they didn’t quite turn out to be the colour they appeared to be when you smeared a stripe across the back of your hand? [Read more…]

Summer Wardrobe: Maxi Dresses

I’ve come late to the Maxi dress party – but I have now discovered the joys of them, so I’m going to add it as an entry to my Summer Wardrobe series.

Maxi dresses, I’ve found, cover a multitude of sins: [Read more…]

Summer Wardrobe: Nude Slingbacks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what to pack when travelling and how I base a lot of my packing decision around only taking one pair of shoes.

It seems apt to continue the shoe theme with my summer wardrobe series. [Read more…]

Summer Wardrobe: White Linen Trousers

The staple of any woman’s summer wardrobe I think!  Well, if it was warm and sunny enough….. [Read more…]

Tiger Feet

Well, maybe not tiger.  Leopard feet really, but I remember Mud performing this song on Top of the Pops (albeit that I was only 6) and it seemed like a better title 😀 [Read more…]

Have you seen my latest video tip?

I’ve posted it over on my Youtube channel and you can find it here:

Whilst you’re over there, have a catch up with my other videos and leave a comment.

Putting on a face….

Could you face being seen without make-up?  Hmmmmm!  Gillian Lewis: Spectrum Blog post "Putting on a Face"

I’m thinking about this because of an article I’ve read about a poll of 2000 women which found that the average woman wore make-up for 13 hours a day and that 20% wouldn’t open the front door without a full face of make-up.  I get the 13 hours a day: you put it on in the morning and you take it off before bedtime so that’s easily 13 hours a day, but I’m OK about being seen round the house without make-up if I’ve no need to put it on.  Going out is a different story and it is very unusual for me to knowingly face the world without at least a trace of lipstick. [Read more…]

Blooming Monday

Today is the traditional Blue Monday (although it was suggested that it was Blue Monday a couple of weeks ago too).  Third Monday of the New Year, cold, dark, gloomy and depressing.

What’s the best way to lift your spirits in situations like that?  Wear something bright and cheerful!  And that’s exactly what Mental Health Research UK are suggesting you do with their Blooming Monday Campaign.

Gillian Lewis: Spectrum "Blooming Monday" Blog Post

I speak about it all the time, but colour has an amazing influence on your mood and how people perceive you.  Instead of retreating into black and grey in winter because it’s cold and miserable, wear colours that work for you all year round and the colour will have a subliminal effect on you. 

Whilst wearing colour might not be seen as quite the done thing in a corporate environment, it can be done subtly to make you stand out for the right reasons.  So, go on, start a new trend for yourself today!

(And if you don’t know what colours work for you, get in touch with me :-D)