Living life in Technicolour

Ok, if you know me, you’ll know that I seem to have this thing about not wearing black?  Want me to tell you why? [Read more…]

The Spectre at the Feast?

Yesterday I attended a women’s networking event held by the Inspire Network and I was having a conversation with a couple of people I know and see regularly.  One of the pair, a blonde, said she was glad she hadn’t chosen to wear a completely black dress because we’ve had previous conversations about how it drains her natural colouring.  The other said she always thought about what to wear when she knew I might be around.  That got me to thinking….. [Read more…]

Men in Pink

Often, when I’m at networking events talking to men about what I do, I will be told “I’ve got a pink shirt” as though this is the very definition of of a well dressed man.  Sometimes they may even be wearing said pink shirt, and sometimes it may be the right shade of pink.  However there are as many times when I have to adopt a completely neutral face because it’s not the right shade of pink. [Read more…]

Is your designer handbag ready for a makeover?

I have a thing about handbags.  It didn’t really come to me till I was about 35 when I found a fabulous slouchy Radley bag.  Before then, I had always had a leather handbag but it was functional…. practical…. boring!  It always fitted with my Natural style personality, and was chosen to work with as many outfits as possible. [Read more…]