Are you holding a distorted view of yourself?

​I've been remarkably quiet over the summer for a number of reasons, but school holidays are over now so back into gear!

Last week, we were up in Alston and went to visit the Killhope Lead Mine in Upper Weardale.  The museum have created an exhibition with a number of original items to show how the mine worked in the second half of the 19th century and the home lives of the workers and their families in this remote part of the country.  Beautiful though it is in summer and with a car, I can't imagine it was much fun​ through the middle of winter 150 years ago!

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It’s International Day of Happiness

Another day, another day of celebration: It's International Day of Happiness 2015 today so I'm just going to reflect on what's made me happy this week.

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What Mercedes Grille Design Can Teach You About Accessories

How often do you look at a car and think "Oh yes, I like that" or " I don't like that"? On Sunday, we were out for lunch and a new Mercedes was parked opposite. Mercedes have a new grille design and, in my opinion, it looked very bold and in your face, but I knew I'd seen this new Mercedes grille design on other cars and I quite liked them.  It looked "right".  I thought it was about the size of the car and, on a bigger car, a large grille would be balanced against the size, however, driving around since then, I realised that the colour of the car had something to do with it too.  And then it dawned on me that these factors with the Mercedes grille design could teach you a lot about how to wear accessories.

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Hat Hair

There's a reason I don't like wearing hats much - hat hair!  I have a physically large head, so it's difficult enough for me to find a hat to fit, but it's the aftermath of hat hair that stops me from wearing a hat more often.

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Happy Christmas!

I’d just like to take the time to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year xxx [Read more…]

Nervous as a kitten

Do you wonder what the internet is for other than watching videos of kittens? I confess, I get sucked in a little too often, and last week I found myself watching a video of a kitten falling asleep whilst sitting up (scroll down to see that). It reminded me of the day that that my cat, Fergus Mackenzie, arrived as a 6 week old bundle of fur and he went from full of beans to fast asleep in a blink. I knew there were photos of him doing this and I went searching on my laptop to show them to my chap.

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Normal service has been resumed

If you looked at my Colour Analysis for Animals blog post on an iphone or ipad on Friday afternoon, you might have wondered if I’d headed off to Australia as some of the photos were upside down.  Rest assured, I hadn’t created the blog post like that – but there’s some coding in photos taken on an iphone that my website wasn’t paying attention to.  I’ve now corrected the pictures after being alerted by an eagle-eyed reader.   [Read more…]

Colour Analysis for Animals

Last week I went to Edinburgh Zoo - prompted by the new pandas: Tian Tian and Yang Guang.  I was showing my photographs to a friend and joked that the pandas were Clear and Cool in Colour Analysis terms.  

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Women who wear 4 inch stiletto heels – I salute you!

I’m going out for dinner this evening, and trying to decide whether to wear my new 4 inch stiletto heels.  They are beautiful, they are leg-lengthening, they give an opportunity to view the world from a different perspective – but I find them very difficult to walk in with any grace! [Read more…]

What the well-dressed snorkeller is wearing!

A wetsuit!

I’m just back from Hurghada in Egypt where temperatures were in the 40’s most days. One day we had planned to go scuba-diving.  I’d never been diving before so this was a *big thing* and I decided to get myself a proper prescription diving mask to help me see underwater as I’m a bit shortsighted.

The day before the trip, I decided to try my mask whilst snorkelling in the sea round the hotel, and what a revelation that was – I could actually see all the fish darting around, and it was fascinating!  I felt like Jacques Cousteau investigating the coral reefs and I saw just how little Disney had exaggerated when animating Finding Nemo 😀  
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