A Walk with a Hawk, and other stories

Today I’ve had a lovely day working at the office.  Well, I say working, but actually, I was taking a little time out to explore the site where I have my office.  Lingfield Point, in Darlington: the former site of the Patons and Baldwin wool factory, which is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary with the SIXTY exhibition being held at The Beehive building on site between 11am and 2pm until Friday 8th of August. [Read more…]

The Hunt for the Perfect Colour

I’ve been on a hunt.  A long hunt.  An expensive hunt.  And I’ve nearly captured my prey – the perfect Shellac nail polish colour.

Now, I don’t know about you, but finding a signature lip colour and nail varnish colour is tricky and elusive.  Hands up everybody who has a cupboard full of lipsticks (or has thrown away virtually unused lipsticks) because they didn’t quite turn out to be the colour they appeared to be when you smeared a stripe across the back of your hand? [Read more…]

Winners on the Red Carpet?

So tonight is Oscars night, and what’s the thing that everybody remembers about the Oscars?  The films, the winners – or the dresses? [Read more…]

Blooming Monday

Today is the traditional Blue Monday (although it was suggested that it was Blue Monday a couple of weeks ago too).  Third Monday of the New Year, cold, dark, gloomy and depressing.

What’s the best way to lift your spirits in situations like that?  Wear something bright and cheerful!  And that’s exactly what Mental Health Research UK are suggesting you do with their Blooming Monday Campaign.

Gillian Lewis: Spectrum "Blooming Monday" Blog Post

I speak about it all the time, but colour has an amazing influence on your mood and how people perceive you.  Instead of retreating into black and grey in winter because it’s cold and miserable, wear colours that work for you all year round and the colour will have a subliminal effect on you. 

Whilst wearing colour might not be seen as quite the done thing in a corporate environment, it can be done subtly to make you stand out for the right reasons.  So, go on, start a new trend for yourself today!

(And if you don’t know what colours work for you, get in touch with me :-D)

Me in a Hat!

So yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day, and my blog was titled “The Cat in the Hat”.  Today it’s National Hat Day (probably in the US rather than the UK where we have Wear a Hat day on March 28th) and the title today is…..very original as you can see! ^^^^

[Read more…]

The Cat in the Hat!

It has come to my attention this evening that today was National Dress Up Your Pet day.  My cats will be breathing a sigh of relief that I have not had time to get them a new outfit…. [Read more…]

Men in High Heels?

I’ve been having a quick look at some of the reporting on London Fashion Week that’s coming out.  And then I saw that a couple of designers were sending their male models down the catwalk in platform shoes. [Read more…]