Wardrobe Decluttering for Men

Decluttering!  Everybody talks about doing it - "I've got too much STUFF!"  It's a ongoing task for some, and I'm always recommending wardrobe decluttering when my clients come for a consultation because it's the best way of implementing wearing colours and clothes that flatter you all the time because you don't have the wrong things to fall back on (or you at least know they aren't the best items for you and you can work to replace them in future shopping trips). 

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This is the BBC

Well, I've always wanted to say that - after my brief brush with fame being paid to be on Playaway when I was 14.  Last week I was interviewed by BBC Radio Tees presenter, Mike Parr - on live radio!

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A Walk with a Hawk, and other stories

Today I’ve had a lovely day working at the office.  Well, I say working, but actually, I was taking a little time out to explore the site where I have my office.  Lingfield Point, in Darlington: the former site of the Patons and Baldwin wool factory, which is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary with the SIXTY exhibition being held at The Beehive building on site between 11am and 2pm until Friday 8th of August. [Read more…]

Frequent Flyer

This week I’ve been in Belfast for some training, flying from Newcastle on Monday for two days training then a late flight back on Wednesday night.  Even though I was only going to be there for two days, I needed to consider what to wear: “it’s June, it’s Belfast, I’ll be in a hotel with air conditioning, I’m not checking a bag into the hold, and who believes weather forecasts” were the thoughts going through my head. [Read more…]

Embracing Confidence

Recently, I was working with the team at Cleveland Orthodontics.  Going to the surgery, seeing the before and after photos and testimonials of people happy with their treatment, and talking to the staff about the number of adults who are being seen, demonstrates how important our teeth are to making us feel comfortable about looking in the mirror or smiling in public or in photos. [Read more…]

Men in High Heels?

I’ve been having a quick look at some of the reporting on London Fashion Week that’s coming out.  And then I saw that a couple of designers were sending their male models down the catwalk in platform shoes. [Read more…]

Tying ties

I was looking for an ipad app that would let me create a database of customer records. I was slightly taken aback therefore that this app was highlighted as an essential tool for a sales force! [Read more…]

Men in Pink

Often, when I’m at networking events talking to men about what I do, I will be told “I’ve got a pink shirt” as though this is the very definition of of a well dressed man.  Sometimes they may even be wearing said pink shirt, and sometimes it may be the right shade of pink.  However there are as many times when I have to adopt a completely neutral face because it’s not the right shade of pink. [Read more…]