Summer Wardrobe: Maxi Dresses

I’ve come late to the Maxi dress party – but I have now discovered the joys of them, so I’m going to add it as an entry to my Summer Wardrobe series.

Maxi dresses, I’ve found, cover a multitude of sins: [Read more…]

Going to the Prom

The Prom seems to have taken over the thoughts of British teenagers during the school summer term.  An American cultural influence I’d say – they didn’t have it in my day!  Although when I was growing up, they did have the “Qually” in my final year of primary school which probably elicited quite a bit of our attention for some time before.  It originated from the days of the 11 plus and was really called the Qualifying Dance.  Presumably if you failed you didn’t get to go?  We didn’t have to do the 11 plus so everybody went – after several weeks of learning Scottish Cross Country Dances.  Going without a partner was perfectly acceptable (we were 11 and boys were pretty undesirable to us at that stage) and I don’t think we had a disco – it was 1979 and disco was in its infancy after all 😀 [Read more…]

Summer Wardrobe: Nude Slingbacks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what to pack when travelling and how I base a lot of my packing decision around only taking one pair of shoes.

It seems apt to continue the shoe theme with my summer wardrobe series. [Read more…]

Summer Wardrobe: White Linen Trousers

The staple of any woman’s summer wardrobe I think!  Well, if it was warm and sunny enough….. [Read more…]