What Mercedes Grille Design Can Teach You About Accessories

How often do you look at a car and think "Oh yes, I like that" or " I don't like that"? On Sunday, we were out for lunch and a new Mercedes was parked opposite. Mercedes have a new grille design and, in my opinion, it looked very bold and in your face, but I knew I'd seen this new Mercedes grille design on other cars and I quite liked them.  It looked "right".  I thought it was about the size of the car and, on a bigger car, a large grille would be balanced against the size, however, driving around since then, I realised that the colour of the car had something to do with it too.  And then it dawned on me that these factors with the Mercedes grille design could teach you a lot about how to wear accessories.

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Hat Hair

There's a reason I don't like wearing hats much - hat hair!  I have a physically large head, so it's difficult enough for me to find a hat to fit, but it's the aftermath of hat hair that stops me from wearing a hat more often.

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Christmas Wardrobe: The Best Trouser Shape for Your Body

Following on from the last couple of blog posts about what to wear at Christmas time, I'm aware that a lot of women prefer wearing trousers, so here are some tips on the best trouser shape for your body.

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Christmas Wardrobe: Picking the Perfect Party Shoe

Now you know the right colours and shapes for your party dress, now to find the perfect party shoes! This is often the hardest part of putting an outfit together.

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Christmas Wardrobe: The Best Dress Shape for Your Body

More tips to help you decide what to wear from Colour Me Beautiful.  Today it's the best dress shape for your body.

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The Best Colours for the Festive Season – Tips for Your Colour Palette

How many Christmas Parties have you got lined up to go to this year?  And have you got your outfits for them all yet?  After the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it seems there are still people holding out to see whether there are better sale bargains to be had - and let's face it, a party dress can be pulled out of the wardrobe over several seasons so buying in the sales is a good idea.  Or you might be rushing around at the last minute to find something to wear.  In any event, here's a newsletter prepared by Colour Me Beautiful to give you some tips to find the best colours for the Festive Season.

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Has Shopping Become the New Religion?

How many people do you know who regularly go to church on a Sunday?  Not many?  This is may be why....

I was away for the weekend and it turned out we did a bit of shopping:​

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4 Reasons to buy a Little Black Dress for your Christmas Party

I got a bit depressed yesterday. The first headline I’ve consciously seen (I might have been filtering them out) so far in the run up to Christmas about the Little Black Dress: “LBD…. You can’t go wrong”. Well, if you want to look like everybody else, no, maybe you won’t go wrong wearing a Little Black Dress to a party.

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Is it time to get your winter coat out? Tips to choose a new one!

Tuesday morning, it was cold. When I left home, the temperature on the car said 2.5 degrees and it was misty enough to need fog lights, by 11.30am it had raised to a balmy 6.5 degrees whilst there wasn't a cloud in a bright blue sky.

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Women who wear 4 inch stiletto heels – I salute you!

I’m going out for dinner this evening, and trying to decide whether to wear my new 4 inch stiletto heels.  They are beautiful, they are leg-lengthening, they give an opportunity to view the world from a different perspective – but I find them very difficult to walk in with any grace! [Read more…]