Going to the hairdressers

If you were going to the hairdressers, could you make a change to your hair colour like Kim Kardashian?

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Replay: Inspiring Change – International Women’s Day 2014

Yesterday was International Women's Day and I wrote a blog post inspired by the theme: #MakeItHappen.  Today I'm going to replay a post I wrote last year for the same event: Inspiring Change - International Women's Day 2014.

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#Makeithappen – International Women’s Day 2015

Today it’s International Women’s Day 2015, and the theme this year is #MakeItHappen. As a Coach, that’s what I strive to help my clients to do, although before we get there, you might identify a whole load of reasons that hold you back so “it” doesn’t happen.

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Uma Thurman – were people too quick to judge her makeup?

A couple of weeks ago, Uma Thurman was photographed, and the tabloid press were quick to judge her since she looked quite different to previous photographs that had been taken.  Now, a lot of the photos that they were comparing her to were quite old, and yes, she did look different, but the assumption was that she must have had some *work* done on her face.  Her make-up artist came out in her defence to say it was because she had gone out without mascara.  

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Change your Perception

Have you ever had an impression set from meeting or knowing about somebody and then you've been able to change your perception by finding out a bit more about them or by looking at the situation with an external perspective?

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Count Your Blessings

How often do you hear that phrase “count your blessings” and really stop to do so?  If you know me personally, you probably know that I volunteer at a local hospice.  One afternoon a week I go and make tea and coffee and chat to clients who drop in to attend a social group for people with life limiting illnesses.

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No Resolutions in Sight!

It's the beginning of a New Year and all around you're being bombarded with articles and questions about your New Year's Resolutions. Heck, I've been asking myself over on Facebook!  So, you might think this blog post is another one about resolutions but actually it's not because I've never been very good about sticking to resolutions myself.

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The Things People Say About Themselves

I frequently hear the things people say about themselves in very unguarded and honest moments.  My heart goes out to them as they open up about how they feel about how they look in the mirror, and what they see is not what I see.  It's not what you would see.  But it's what THEY see - and that often feeds into a cycle of criticism that has such wide reaching effects.

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Nervous as a kitten

Do you wonder what the internet is for other than watching videos of kittens? I confess, I get sucked in a little too often, and last week I found myself watching a video of a kitten falling asleep whilst sitting up (scroll down to see that). It reminded me of the day that that my cat, Fergus Mackenzie, arrived as a 6 week old bundle of fur and he went from full of beans to fast asleep in a blink. I knew there were photos of him doing this and I went searching on my laptop to show them to my chap.

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How to feel beautiful

Over the years Dove have run a number of campaigns to improve women’s confidence and self esteem.  I came across this video of a campaign earlier this year which suggests there was a patch to help women how to feel beautiful. [Read more…]