With nearly 20 years working as a trainer, project manager, and professional negotiator in a large corporate organisation, plus training in person-centred counselling and coaching, I have a lot of experience in personal presentation and building inner confidence.

Working with the clients I have, as an Executive Coach and Colour Me Beautiful trained Image Consultant, I’ve become acutely aware of what so many people feel about what they see in the mirror, and how that has a huge impact on their self-image and confidence to try new things.

Lack of self-esteem is a confidence killer: all of those self-limiting beliefs you hold stop you from achieving so much.  My aim is to provide you with an Inner and Outer Makeover on your Self-Image to transform your life.

  • I’m the Coach who believes that inside every introverted over-thinker, who worries about what other people might think about them, there is a strong, confident person just waiting to take the first step on an amazing journey
  • I’m the Image Consultant who’s not terribly interested in fashion! I work with you to find your own style, and what works for your life, and once you know, and you have the confidence to embrace it, you no longer worry about what to wear – and you make the best impression wherever you go

My office is based in Darlington, County Durham, but I work with clients remotely, by Skype or phone, and in other locations by arrangement.

If you would like to arrange a FREE 30-minute Confidence Discovery Session, click the button below to schedule a time with me.


What Clients Say:

“I highly recommend Gillian as a coach to anyone who needs that gentle push and support to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that are preventing them from reaching their potential. I am still reaping the benefits from the sessions.”

Adele Huntley, Darlington


“Gillian helped me work through both personal and professional issues with with great skill and compassion, whilst helping me identify a clear plan of action and providing me with an approach to use to address other issues.  Absolutely brilliant.”

Ian, Sunderland


“Gillian is an expert at helping you to convey the impression you want to. She has a empathic yet professional consultation style and is a joy to work with. Highly recommended if you want to think about how you present yourself.

Heather Monro, Executive / Personal Development Coach