Wardrobe Decluttering for Men

Decluttering!  Everybody talks about doing it - "I've got too much STUFF!"  It's a ongoing task for some, and I'm always recommending wardrobe decluttering when my clients come for a consultation because it's the best way of implementing wearing colours and clothes that flatter you all the time because you don't have the wrong things to fall back on (or you at least know they aren't the best items for you and you can work to replace them in future shopping trips). 

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Choosing what to wear

I posted this video on my Facebook page last week.  It's all about some rather questionable choices that are made when partners choose what to wear for each other.  Watching the video, I realised there was more that I wanted to say about it.

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This Old Thing?

How often have you trotted out the phrase "This Old Thing?" when somebody comments on the outfit you're wearing?  Most women have at some point, and there are a number of reasons for this:

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Christmas Wardrobe: The Best Trouser Shape for Your Body

Following on from the last couple of blog posts about what to wear at Christmas time, I'm aware that a lot of women prefer wearing trousers, so here are some tips on the best trouser shape for your body.

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Has Shopping Become the New Religion?

How many people do you know who regularly go to church on a Sunday?  Not many?  This is may be why....

I was away for the weekend and it turned out we did a bit of shopping:​

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The Spectre at the Feast?

Yesterday I attended a women’s networking event held by the Inspire Network and I was having a conversation with a couple of people I know and see regularly.  One of the pair, a blonde, said she was glad she hadn’t chosen to wear a completely black dress because we’ve had previous conversations about how it drains her natural colouring.  The other said she always thought about what to wear when she knew I might be around.  That got me to thinking….. [Read more…]

Video Tips

I’ve recorded a number of videos with hints and tips to help you with style and confidence.  They’re uploaded on [Read more…]

Image in Business Advice

John Atkinson from Radio Teesdale’s Business programme interviewed me about the importance of your Image in making a first impression in business – and what the consequences of getting it wrong are. [Read more…]

Men in Pink

Often, when I’m at networking events talking to men about what I do, I will be told “I’ve got a pink shirt” as though this is the very definition of of a well dressed man.  Sometimes they may even be wearing said pink shirt, and sometimes it may be the right shade of pink.  However there are as many times when I have to adopt a completely neutral face because it’s not the right shade of pink. [Read more…]