Big Sky Thinking

I'm just back from the new Mackenzie Thorpe exhibition of Station Posters in Middlesbrough.  I love Mackenzie Thorpe's work, and find I am always drawn to his paintings with really beautiful big skylines with puffy clouds - although the ones with shepherds and sheep come a close second (and when he paints both together, I'm in heaven! :-D).  I once spoke to him about how much I loved the cloud filled scenes he painted and he told me he got the best results when he turned the painting upside down so he could gain a different perspective on the work.  Reflecting on that on the way home, I started to think of this as being "Big Sky Thinking" (rather than Blue Sky Thinking) and how that would be a pretty good way to help you achieve the best results too. 

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#Makeithappen – International Women’s Day 2015

Today it’s International Women’s Day 2015, and the theme this year is #MakeItHappen. As a Coach, that’s what I strive to help my clients to do, although before we get there, you might identify a whole load of reasons that hold you back so “it” doesn’t happen.

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Nervous as a kitten

Do you wonder what the internet is for other than watching videos of kittens? I confess, I get sucked in a little too often, and last week I found myself watching a video of a kitten falling asleep whilst sitting up (scroll down to see that). It reminded me of the day that that my cat, Fergus Mackenzie, arrived as a 6 week old bundle of fur and he went from full of beans to fast asleep in a blink. I knew there were photos of him doing this and I went searching on my laptop to show them to my chap.

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Flying in Formation

Driving on the outskirts of Sedgefield the other day, I was momentarily shocked when a huge plane appeared very low above the trees that lined the road.  When I say low, I mean the kind of heights that would indicate it was very close to landing although I don’t think I was near an airstrip.  To my uneducated eye, it looked like a World War II plane and I was so fascinated that for a few moments I was probably driving a bit erratically as I rubbernecked to get a better look.   [Read more…]

Guest Post: 7 Tips to Combating SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder)

Yesterday I posted about Blooming Monday – the antidote to Blue Monday: an initiative set up by Mental Health Research UK.  I focused on wearing colour to combat a low mood at this (or indeed any) time of year.

My friend, and coaching colleague, Beverly Sherratt, also posted about Blue Monday and the ways in which you can overcome Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) on her blog:  [Read more…]