How much is too much to spend on a handbag?

I was attending a ladies only networking meeting last week and towards the end, one of the ladies got up to leave.  She reached for her handbag, which was like a black giraffe pattern, and this attracted some admiring comments.  "I love it!  My Mum thinks it's ridiculous that I spent over £100 on a bag but I use it all the time and I think it was worth it".  Given that I have a bit of an expensive handbag addiction, I thought £100 wasn't very much and I did wonder how much is too much to spend on a handbag you use everyday.

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The Cat in the Hat!

It has come to my attention this evening that today was National Dress Up Your Pet day.  My cats will be breathing a sigh of relief that I have not had time to get them a new outfit…. [Read more…]

Is your designer handbag ready for a makeover?

I have a thing about handbags.  It didn’t really come to me till I was about 35 when I found a fabulous slouchy Radley bag.  Before then, I had always had a leather handbag but it was functional…. practical…. boring!  It always fitted with my Natural style personality, and was chosen to work with as many outfits as possible. [Read more…]