Boden Expanding? Good news for the Natural Style Personality

I was quite excited to see the headline online that Boden are planning to expand by opening some shops across the UK. I only hope that they're not just going to be based in London which is the case with some other clothing shops that I really love.  

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Choosing what to wear

I posted this video on my Facebook page last week.  It's all about some rather questionable choices that are made when partners choose what to wear for each other.  Watching the video, I realised there was more that I wanted to say about it.

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Summer Wardrobe: Maxi Dresses

I’ve come late to the Maxi dress party – but I have now discovered the joys of them, so I’m going to add it as an entry to my Summer Wardrobe series.

Maxi dresses, I’ve found, cover a multitude of sins: [Read more…]