How to make your lipstick last longer

How often does your lipstick seem to wear off as soon as you apply it?  Here's a video tip from me to show you how to make your lipstick last longer using lip base and lip liner from Colour Me Beautiful:

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The benefits of using a lipbrush

‚ÄčHave you read about, or heard that you should be using a lipbrush to apply your lipstick but you never do it because it's just much easier to get your lipstick out and run it over your lips?  Yes, I've heard that too, and yes, I ignore the advice most of the time as well.  I am well known for whipping my lippy out and smearing it over my lips in the middle of a public place ūüėÄ

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Uma Thurman – were people too quick to judge her makeup?

A couple of weeks ago, Uma Thurman was photographed, and the tabloid press were quick to judge her since she looked quite different to previous photographs that had been taken.  Now, a lot of the photos that they were comparing her to were quite old, and yes, she did look different, but the assumption was that she must have had some *work* done on her face.  Her make-up artist came out in her defence to say it was because she had gone out without mascara.  

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Keeping up appearances – do you?

I’ve just read an article in the Metro that¬†reports on a survey carried out. The survey identified the lengths to which some women are keeping up appearances. Apparently one in twenty of the 2000 surveyed will not allow themselves to be seen without a full face of makeup by their husbands or boyfriends! [Read more…]

Fresh Faced

When I was on holiday I spent most of my time not wearing make-up, apart from lipstick.  Well, spending all day on the beach, or on a boat, going in and out of the water, there was very little point in spending time applying make-up that would be washed off within minutes.

I did start wearing make-up to dinner but, as the holiday went by, I was liking the way my freckles were developing (I don’t tan), so I decided to dispense with everything apart from the lipstick and go fresh-faced.

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Putting on a face….

Could you face being seen without make-up?  Hmmmmm!  Gillian Lewis: Spectrum Blog post "Putting on a Face"

I’m thinking about this because of an article I’ve read about a poll of 2000 women which found that the average woman wore make-up for 13 hours a day and that 20% wouldn’t open the front door without a full face of make-up. ¬†I get the 13 hours a day: you put it on in the morning and you take it off before bedtime so that’s easily 13 hours a day, but I’m OK about being seen round the house without make-up if I’ve no need to put it on. ¬†Going out is a different story and it is very unusual for me to knowingly face the world without at least a trace of lipstick. [Read more…]