Blooming Monday

Today is the traditional Blue Monday (although it was suggested that it was Blue Monday a couple of weeks ago too).  Third Monday of the New Year, cold, dark, gloomy and depressing.

What’s the best way to lift your spirits in situations like that?  Wear something bright and cheerful!  And that’s exactly what Mental Health Research UK are suggesting you do with their Blooming Monday Campaign.

Gillian Lewis: Spectrum "Blooming Monday" Blog Post

I speak about it all the time, but colour has an amazing influence on your mood and how people perceive you.  Instead of retreating into black and grey in winter because it’s cold and miserable, wear colours that work for you all year round and the colour will have a subliminal effect on you. 

Whilst wearing colour might not be seen as quite the done thing in a corporate environment, it can be done subtly to make you stand out for the right reasons.  So, go on, start a new trend for yourself today!

(And if you don’t know what colours work for you, get in touch with me :-D)