Fresh Faced

When I was on holiday I spent most of my time not wearing make-up, apart from lipstick.  Well, spending all day on the beach, or on a boat, going in and out of the water, there was very little point in spending time applying make-up that would be washed off within minutes.

I did start wearing make-up to dinner but, as the holiday went by, I was liking the way my freckles were developing (I don’t tan), so I decided to dispense with everything apart from the lipstick and go fresh-faced.

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Nomakeupselfie and makeupselfie

If you’ve been active on social media this week, or have watched or read the news, it will have not passed your attention that there has been an explosion of pictures of women who are bereft of make-up (or men with full faces of make-up, or wearing just a strategically placed sock) being posted online. [Read more…]