Wardrobe Decluttering for Men

Decluttering!  Everybody talks about doing it - "I've got too much STUFF!"  It's a ongoing task for some, and I'm always recommending wardrobe decluttering when my clients come for a consultation because it's the best way of implementing wearing colours and clothes that flatter you all the time because you don't have the wrong things to fall back on (or you at least know they aren't the best items for you and you can work to replace them in future shopping trips). 

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Choosing what to wear

I posted this video on my Facebook page last week.  It's all about some rather questionable choices that are made when partners choose what to wear for each other.  Watching the video, I realised there was more that I wanted to say about it.

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Breaking the rules about what to wear

I've seen a few blog posts and campaigns on the internet around which decry the idea that there should be rules about what to wear to flatter the body you have.

"How dare somebody tell me what to wear!  That's body shaming"

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